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Our Commitment

We have more control over how we dress than at any time in history. In some ways it’s an incredible accomplishment; a sophisticated global mechanism providing creativity and self-expression to the world.

In almost every other way it’s a disaster. 

We’re wasteful beyond comprehension. We’re harming the planet in potentially irreversible ways. We buy, wear a couple times, then discard. 

Road to Nowhere exists in opposition to this attitude. 

We design pieces that shore up the insatiable demand for more. Sustainable staples meant to join you wherever you’re headed, not sit in a closet - or worse, a landfill. 

It’s our goal to help you reclaim this control. And whenever it’s possible, to dress responsibly. 

-Sasha and Justin

Organic & Biodegradable  

We source all our materials from responsible farms using soil free of chemical pesticides. This results in better, stronger products that require less water and produce fewer carbon emissions. Or more simply: Something good and pure goes in, something pure and good comes out. 

Our collection’s core ingredients include: Certified Organic Cotton, GRS-Certified Bemberg, biodegradable zippers, and biodegradable buttons made from plant enzymes and casein. Each detail is carefully researched and scrutinized throughout the supply chain, so you can feel confident knowing something natural is on your body.

Made in Los Angeles

Our entire collection is ethically produced in Los Angeles, CA by career craftspeople. This ensures the highest standards are met throughout the design process, and that the final product accurately reflects our initial vision.

This also helps reduce reliance on air and shipping freight, as well as other wasteful inefficiencies, resulting in a cleaner product from start to finish.

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Less is More

We can throw every shiny buzzword there is at you, but ultimately the only way to reduce your footprint is by extending the life and reach of your garments. This means prioritizing functionality, versatility, and quality whenever you buy to prevent that feeling of “needing” more. 

The equation of adding a little to replace a lot is one we consider with every piece we make, and one we’re committed to solving as a company.

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