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The Vision

In 2018 we were traveling through Costa Rica in one of those familiar, wonderfully exhausting ways. See and do as much as you can, indulge, cut corners, create a schedule, throw the schedule out - you get the idea. It was a nimble, nomadic experience. 

We loved it. The only problem was how we packed; overflowing with items we barely wore - and even worse - looked terrible in our most scenic moments.

What felt like appropriate outfits at the time looked grungy and out of place on film. It looked as if we were dressing for a track meet, a camping trip, and a safari all at the same time. Shockingly it wasn’t our best look.

Upon return we immediately started hunting for better items. Versatile clothing that would complement desolate landscapes and busy neighborhoods alike. Well-designed, suitcase-efficient pieces that encouraged impulsivity, pivots, and most importantly, free roaming.

But they didn’t exist. At least not in a way that matched our taste. So we started talking, and sketching, and strategizing. We tried to ignore it (but couldn’t). And before long this concept became so engrossing we realized we had no other choice: We had to create these ourselves.

We then connected with everyone we could: friends, colleagues, people we’d met in hostels across the world, and dug into their travel pain points. Before long we’d discovered three key functions our clothes needed to support, which has been at the foundation of our design process ever since. Take a look at them below:

How you adventure

Exploration is the soul of Road to Nowhere. Every item has been optimized for adventure, so if it doesn’t pass the “Would I actually wear this while traveling?” test, we scrap it. 

From busy city scenes to not being seen at all, we test each piece within a wide range of environments and situations. This means you can feel confident tossing our clothes on almost anywhere and knowing you made the right decision.

How you pack

Our expectation is that these will soon be the first pieces you grab when filling your suitcase. However, our goal is that they’re reused throughout your trip, allowing you to travel more freely and efficiently. 

We design every RtN piece with the broader collection in mind, meaning you can recombine tops, bottoms, and layers into endlessly attractive ways. Before long your checked bag fees will become a thing of the past…we promise.

How you explore

Our favorite part about traveling is that it demands you remain in the present. The heightened awareness it requires, the clarity it produces - we feel most alive in these moments. 

The last thing you need here are distractions, and few are worse than having the wrong clothes on. Our pieces are always comfortable and never “get in the way”, allowing for a richer, more engaging experience as you explore the world around you.

With a better sense of who we are and what we’re trying to solve, we encourage you to check out our approach to sustainability. Combined, we believe these two initiatives can help alter the landscape of fashion’s future.



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